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Listening to students’ confidence grow as they read is exciting and rewarding. Hear how one student progressed after only three months of using ClearFluency.


Baseline recording

Date: February 2022

Grade: 3

Reading level: 2.3 grade

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My Pet Goldfish. I picked out a goldfish from the pet store today. I will take it home and care for it. I will watch it swim. Goldfish need a big tank. They need room to swim. I put small rocks in the tank…small rocks in the tank…tank. The rocks sit at the bottom of the tank…rocks sit at the bottom of the tank. I fill the tank with plants. The goldfish swims through the plants. Goldfish like to explore. Goldfish need clean water. I have a filter through my tank. The filter keeps the water clean. We change some of the water every week. This keeps our fish healthy. I use a net to move my goldfish…move…move my goldfish. Goldfish food looks like little flakes…looks like little flakes. I feed my fish two times each day…two times each day. I am careful not to give the fish too much food. Some people get more than one goldfish. The fish must be the same size.


Progress recording

Date: May 2022

Grade: 3

Reading level: 5.4 grade

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You probably use your computer to type papers and do projects for school. Maybe you use it to email friends and family. Almost everyone would agree that the computer is a great tool, but have you ever thought of it as an artistic one? Computers create special effects on almost every movie we see. These special effects created on computers are kind of computer art…a kind of computer art. Computers aren’t just for movie art. They are used by artists in many different ways. Some artists use computers to change photographs. They might make the photo look different or better…photo look different or better…look different or better. Charis Tsevis does someone else…something a little different with photos. He often creates in a mosaic style…works in a mosaic style…in a mosaic style…mosaic style. From far away, many of Tsevis’s mosaics look like regular pictures or paintings…regular pictures or paintings…pictures or paintings. Up close, however, the image shows itself to be made up of many smaller images. Tsevis uses computers…computers and many different programs to create these images…different programs to create these images. After 2008 Olympics, Tsevis uses hundreds of images of Michael Phelps. He put them together to create one large pic…together to create one large image of Phelps holding a gold medal.

“Students tell me, ‘I just love ClearFluency so much because I get to choose what I read.’”

— Sue Mayo, Instructional Coach, Barnegat Township School District, NJ