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‘Personal carbon allowances’ could restrict how often you travel, according to a new report

A report by a travel company says the climate crisis is no longer a distant threat, and we need to stop treating it like one

Liv Kelly
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Liv Kelly

We’ve known for a while that our travel habits have got to change. It’s only becoming more vital for us to travel consciously, and many of us are taking steps to become better tourists

But sometimes sustainable travel as we know it now simply isn’t enough. Stricter measures could be put it place to ensure we all do our part, according to a report from travel company Intrepid Travel. The report claims measures it describes as ‘drastic’ might be put in place in the future, and one of those could be ‘personal carbon allowances.’

The global carbon budget until 2050 is 750 million tonnes, but according to Intrepid limitations could be imposed on individuals by 2040 which would ration the amount each person can use. It would likely be tracked via a passport. 

It’s important to note this is a prediction. As it stands, no plans to make this concept a reality have been laid out. But, according to Intrepid, it’s very likely to happen.

The report, produced in partnership with The Future Laboratory, also discusses the impact that climate change will have on our choice of holiday destinations. 

The wildfires in Greece, Tenerife and Portugal this year paint a grim picture for the Mediterranean’s future. The report says that the Mediterranean could become an ‘extinct’ destination, citing a prediction from travel company Tui that travellers will begin to opt for cooler destinations as the Mediterranean heat becomes unbearable. Tui is shifting their focus to Nordic countries and destinations like Belgium and the Netherlands.

Attitudes are already changing. Advantage Travel Partnership recently surveyed 2,000 Brits and found that 62 percent of the 18-24-year-old participants would reconsider their travel destination due to the climate, and 70 percent would adjust the time of year they go. 

Co-founder and chairman of Intrepid Travel, Darrell Wade, spoke to STV News and said ‘The direct, catastrophic impact of climate change has for too long been viewed as something distant in the future. But this is no longer an impending event; it’s happening now.’

Only time will tell if the carbon passport and the report’s other predictions become a reality. 

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