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The haunted brothel | Victor, CO
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

The 11 most haunted Airbnbs in the U.S.

Book yourself a seriously spooky haunted Airbnb where ghosts go bump in the night

Written by
Lauren Mack
Alex Floyd-Douglass
Camila Karalyte

If you're a fan of all things that go bump in the night, read on. These scarily good Airbnbs put the 'boo' in booking – admit it, you laughed. We've scoured Airbnb's most eclectic and eerie listings to find the most haunted Airbnbs, from creepy castles to spooky spare bedrooms to mysterious mansions. These rental haunted houses feature charming creaking floorboards, whimsical wainscoting, and vintage vibes along with chills, thrills, and frights from spirited ghost hosts that are straight out of the best Halloween movies of all time. Probably not for the faint-hearted.

Prepare to be spooked. You might not rest in peace in these haunted homes, but you're bound to have a memorable night preparing for paranormal activity, seeking the supernatural, and greeting ghosts. Or if you're among the skeptical, these Airbnbs will have you make or break what you believe. But beware, bookings go as quickly as ghosts playing tag, so secure these haunted hotbeds ASAP.

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Haunted Airbnbs in the U.S.

The haunted brothel in Victor, CO
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

1. The haunted brothel in Victor, CO

After a fire in 1899 destroyed this Victorian-era brothel, casino, and saloon, the space was rebuilt and meticulously restored, bringing spirited supernatural stories. Legend claims the Victorian Gothic building's electrical wiring was done by Nikolas Tesla. Its bay windows, oak doors, 12- to 15-foot ceilings, and hardwood stairs are all original. The ghost who lives here is said to be a former miner who died in a gunfight. Equally creepy are some of the taxidermy and art the current owners have added.

Beds? 10 king and queen-size beds and two sofas. Sleeps up to 16 guests.

Location perks? This haunted house is the thing of nightmares and we're here for it. Location-wise, the Rocky Mountains are nearby while you're in the heart of Colorado's city of Victor.

Budget range? Affordable when shared among a large group – pricey if not.

The Civil War field hospital in Gettysburg, PA
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

2. The Civil War field hospital in Gettysburg, PA

The barn and farmhouse on this historic property were both used as a Confederate field hospital after the Battle of Gettysburg, so you can only imagine how many spirits are milling about. Prepare yourself for the possibility of spotting multiple apparitions: the host of David Stewart Farm says she’s seen plenty over the years, but promises they’re all friendly. Guests have reported hearing footsteps and seeing men dressed in Confederate soldier uniforms. The bedroom itself is decked out in period decor to really put you in the 19th-century frame of mind if that’s your style.

Beds? A queen-size bed and two single beds across two bedrooms (rooms in a house shared with host). Sleeps up to four guests.

Location perks? This historical home is surrounded by beautiful gardens which were once a Civil War field during the Battle of Gettysburg – great for exploring.

Budget range? A very budget-friendly stay for a weekend getaway.

The gothic castle in Ellicott City, MD
Photograph: Airbnb

3. The gothic castle in Ellicott City, MD

Renting the Lilburn Mansion near Baltimore will get you two bedrooms, a ballroom, library, a pool and tons of outdoor space. It will also get you a haunted roommate or two (so much for space). After a fire destroyed the original 1857 property, "the castle" as the owners call it went through an extensive restoration. But the stone manor's spectral residents didn't much appreciate the changes, and a string of bad luck followed its living ones — including the death of a child as well as the family's patriarch. Recently, guests have reported plenty of ghostly activity in the mansion, like the time someone spotted a child hanging from a chandelier.

Beds? Two queen-size beds and three airbeds. Sleeps up to 12 guests.

Location perks? This stunning gothic mansion has so much to offer inside its grounds – before venturing out to the nearby Main Street for a healthy dose of reality.

Budget range? A really well-priced stay for a group of 12 and an entire home to enjoy.

The mysterious gingerbread house in Bisbee, AZ
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

4. The mysterious gingerbread house in Bisbee, AZ

This adorable cottage in Bisbee, Arizona has all the charm you'd want out of an affordable Airbnb retreat—and some mysterious ghostly activity to boot. The listing doesn't go into much detail about what exactly haunts the gingerbread house, but repeated episodes of odd, unexplained mischief have been reported (though nothing scary or malevolent ... so far). Luckily, the place is pet-friendly, so feel free to bring along Fido to protect you from whatever awaits in Bisbee.

Beds? One double bed, one single bed, and a sofa bed. Sleeps up to five guests.

Location perks? This adorable bungalow has all you need to feel safe indoors, in case things go bump in the night. But if you plan to go further afield, the local town of Bisbee is an easy 3 miles away. 

Budget range? A delightfully affordable weekend getaway.

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The dead girl's bedroom in New Orleans, LA
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

5. The dead girl's bedroom in New Orleans, LA

New Orleans has its fair share of haunted attractions, but nothing sounds scarier than the idea of sharing a bedroom with a young ghost in a yellow dress. Although the 130-year-old Parks-Bowman Mansion in NOLA's Garden District offers multiple rooms, there’s only one room that’s supposedly haunted by a shy female ghost thought to be the youngest daughter of the house's original owners who was buried on the grounds in the 1890s after her untimely death. Of course, you may or may not actually encounter the youngster or hear her pacing the grounds with a slight limp, softly humming lullabies, or hiding pairs of glasses due to her extreme shyness (apparently, even ghosts can get too spooked for their own apparitions).

Beds? One queen-size bed in a private room (house shared with host). Sleeps up to two guests.

Location perks? This haunted house is quite the mysterious offering so you'll be pleased to know that you're in the heart of the Garden District and New Orleans' French Quarter – for all the mindless wandering you could dream of.

Budget range? A cheap and cheerful yet equally spooky stay.


The mysterious manor in Saint Paul, MN
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

6. The mysterious manor in Saint Paul, MN

Built in 1883, The Manor is a mysterious castle in St. Paul brimming with creepy vibes. Formerly the St. Paul Art Gallery, this Victorian home is palatial — perfect for spirits and paranormal activity. Furnished with oddities and curiosities, The Manor may be haunted — or it might not be, depending on your perception — but it's a popular spot for rituals, murder mystery dinners, and paranormal investigations like one undertaken in 1969 by a trio of journalists at the Pioneer Press.

Beds? A queen-size bed and an airbed in a private room (home shared with host). Sleeps up to four guests.

Location perks? This manor offers a really interesting and private experience on-site but if you're keen to explore nearby, the local neighborhood has lots to see and do.

Budget range? A spooky steal of a stay.

The 18th century cottage in Savannah, GA
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

7. The 18th century cottage in Savannah, GA

Step back in time at Laura's Cottage, located in Savannah's Landmark Historic District. There you'll be able to sip a cocktail in the front porch rocking chairs with Laura, a ghost that haunts this small refuge built in 1799. Not much is known about the apparition but it’s said that she once lived in the cottage and could often be seen tending the garden (she’d have a green thumb if it weren’t so ghastly white). Reports of paranormal activity include windows opening (on their own!) and lights mysteriously turning off and on, so don’t bank on getting much rest.

Beds? One queen-size bed and two single beds. Sleeps up to four guests.

Location perks? This historical home has all you need to be plenty entertained on-site, but the local town is filled with unique museums and great walking opportunities. 

Budget range? Super affordable between four guests.

The cozy (haunted) retreat in Oberlin, OH
Photograph: Airbnb

8. The cozy (haunted) retreat in Oberlin, OH

Purchased by a paranormal researcher in 2018, this 150-year old Oberlin home is a hotbed of spirit activity, mostly ghosts of past residents who died in the home. The property, now called Inspiration House, is owned by paranormal researcher Michelle Belanger and has even been featured on ghost-hunting shows Paranormal State and Portals to Hell. The four-bedroom, three-bath rental is designed for relaxation (believe it or not) and connecting with the living and the dead. Guests have reported sightings of a ghost dog, hearing a children's musical television set playing on its own, and the sounds of screams. Spiritual communication prompts and Psychic Aptitude Cards are both available to guests, as is a first-floor display room that the host describes as part museum, part paranormal research training ground.

Beds? One king-size bed, two queen-size beds, and a single bed. Sleeps up to six guests.

Location perks? This 'haunted retreat' is certainly one of a kind and the local neighborhood is just as peaceful. If you enjoy walking or cycling, this is the area for you.

Budget range? A cheap to mid-range stay depending on how many guests you bring along for the ride.

The spooky suite in Benton Park, St. Louis, MO
Photograph: Airbnb

9. The spooky suite in Benton Park, St. Louis, MO

This spooky home shares some unfortunate history with a neighbor — it was built in 1890 by the same mason that constructed the nearby Lemp Mansion, home to a family that was doomed to die unexpectedly young, one after the other. It’s perhaps no surprise that the suite in this St. Louis, MO home has its own share of unexplained activity from beyond the grave; guests who’ve stayed in this studio-style apartment (once the maid’s quarters of the three-story brick home) have reported all kinds of paranormal activities like doors opening and lights turning on all by themselves, as well as the sound of people rattling around in the kitchen even when they believed the house was empty.

Beds? One queen-size bed and one airbed. Sleeps up to four guests.

Location perks? This three-story brick house lives in the historic Benton Park – perfect for escaping to when the nighttime visits get too much.

Budget range? Incredibly cheap for such a unique stay.

The ghost town in Terlingua, TX
Photograph: Airbnb

10. The ghost town in Terlingua, TX

One-up the average haunted Airbnb by staying in a Texas ghost town. Once a mining boomtown, just about everyone but the ghosts have long since moved on from Terlingua. In this 100-year-old miner's casita, you’ll find a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and outdoor bathroom (a scary situation in and of itself). Watch for paranormal activity from the porch of this stacked limestone cabin, which luckily has lovely views of Big Bend National Park's mountains and badlands.

Beds? One double bed. Sleeps up to two guests.

Location perks? This extraordinary casita is located in the heart of Ghost Town. So really, could it get any spookier than that?

Budget range? A very budget-friendly getaway for a couple.

Haunted Henry's house in Salem, MA
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

11. Haunted Henry's house in Salem, MA

It's fitting that the town where the 17th century Salem Witch Trials took place would have plenty of historic haunted mansions. The Henry Derby House is no exception. Built for tailor Henry Derby, the 19th-century Greek Revival rental home is now owned by Phil Marchand, who grew up in the haunted home. He and others have heard footsteps from the third floor, have been startled by bumps in the night and many guests have spotted a ghost that looks like a teenage girl with long hair.

Beds? One king-size bed, two queen-size beds, and five single beds. Sleeps up to 12 guests.

Location perks? This magnificent home offers fun for all the family – if the haunted aspect doesn't creep you out too much – while the local town (none other than Salem) offers even creepier delights.

Budget range? A very well-priced stay if you take advantage of the 12-guest allowance. 


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