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Support Whitelion Youth in empowering disadvantaged youth to rewrite their story

Give to the Double Donations campaign on October 19 and help support young people on their employment journey

By Time Out in association with Whitelion Youth

Imagine being a young person facing the challenges of soaring living costs and a housing crisis while also dealing with a life marked by abuse, neglect and hardship. The recent years have been tough for many, but for underprivileged youth, these difficulties have been compounded. Fortunately, there is hope, and Whitelion Youth is the beacon that guides these young people towards a brighter future.

This non-profit organisation is on a mission to combat youth social isolation and unemployment, ensuring that no young person is left behind in an increasingly demanding world. Whitelion Youth offers mentorships and transformative programs that help forge positive connections and pathways toward stable employment. By supporting disadvantaged young Australians who have faced adversity from the outset and empowering them to make informed, stable choices, Whitelion Youth believes that every young person can become the hero of their own story.

You can make a meaningful difference by contributing to the Double Donations fundraising campaign on Thursday, October 19, 2023. This initiative aims to raise funds for the national rollout of Whitelion Programs that support more than 1,200 youth each year. Within these flagship services, dedicated volunteer mentors follow a structured schedule to support young individuals on their journey to employment success, an increasingly vital goal in today's challenging economic landscape.

Whitelion Youth is also reaching out to well-known brands and businesses, urging them to get involved and help double community donations.

The housing crisis has left many young people without stable addresses, making it even more challenging for them to secure jobs and access essential services. Your contribution doesn't have to be substantial; even the price of a cup of coffee can go a long way in rectifying the systemic inequalities that plague our society and providing hope for at-risk youth.

Mark your calendar for the Double Donations Giving Day on Thursday, October 19 and make a generous donation to Whitelion Youth. Your support will help disadvantaged young people rewrite their stories, turning the page toward a brighter and more promising future, even in the face of the current cost of living and housing crisis.

To learn more about Whitelion Youth's impactful work and to make your donation, please visit their website. Join us in creating a positive change in the lives of these deserving young individuals.

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