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Two people sitting at a rooftop bar overlooking the harbour.
Photography: John Puah | Henry Deane

Australian accents were rated as the most attractive in this new American study

These are the accents that leave Americans weak at the knees

Written by
Melissa Woodley

Sydney, it looks like we’ve got a secret admirer. Recent findings have revealed that Americans are smitten by our irresistibly charming Aussie accents, rating them as the most attractive in the world. Who could have guessed that pronouncing words long and slow – and ending every sentence with an upward inflection – would be such a turn on? 

The recent study by souvenir plot company Highland Titles, asked 1,000 Americans to weigh in on their perceptions of different national and foreign accents using audio samples from the Speech Accent Archive created by George Mason University. 

Australians captured the hearts of Americans across the board, earning the title of most attractive for both females and males. Surprisingly, the French accent only came in at number five, trailing behind Scottish, London and Irish accents.

Aussie accents were also ranked as the second most charming (behind Scotland) and grabbed bronze for the categories of most romantic, beautiful, calming and funny. Bloody unreaaal.

Results weren't so sweet for New Yorkers. They were voted by their fellow Americans as having the least attractive accents – and it seems accents from Boston, America, Canada, Spain and Germany aren’t winning any popularity contests either. 

So, if you’re single and ready to mingle, why not book yourself a flight to the States? It looks like Americans think we’re quite the catch. 


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